How to Transfer your Registration Package

Step-by-Step Insructions

1. Locate your Registration Order Confirmation. This could be either your printed email confirmation or your printed PayPal receipt, whichever clearly shows all your order details.

2. Clearly print the recipient’s full name (first and last) on the confirmation document.

3. Write a brief explanation stating that you are transferring your registration package and all associated tickets to the named recipient.

4. Sign your name somewhere on the registration confirmation document.

5. Date your signature. Write the date you signed next to or below your signature.

6. (Optional) Add a contact number. If possible, include a contact number for the registration committee to use in case any issues or questions arise during transfer verification at the registration desk.

Here’s a summarized checklist:

  • Find your registration confirmation (printed email or PayPal receipt).
  • Write the recipient’s full name on the confirmation.
  • Write a transfer explanation.
  • Sign and date the confirmation.
  • (Optional) Add a contact number.


  • This process allows you to transfer your entire registration package and all associated tickets.
  • The Registration Committee will accept a signed-over Registration Order Confirmation.
  • Ensure all information is clear and legible.

By following these simple steps, you can easily transfer your registration package and ensure a smooth transition for the recipient at the registration desk.

Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Transaction Terms

  • LIMITED REFUNDS:  All Sales are Final, so please double-check your selections carefully. The Convention Host Committee will not refund registration packages or event tickets — no exceptions. If you require a refund or product exchange, you must do so prior to the event by requesting directly from C&E via Help > Contact.
  • NON U.S. RATES: We are not responsible for any conversion/international fees or rates you may incur.

On-Site Terms (at the event)

  • NO CHECKS: Checks are NOT accepted at the event.
  • U.S. FUNDS: Foreign (Non-U.S.) currency is NOT accepted at the event.
  • ORDER PICK-UP: Picture identification or ‘order confirmation’ email are required for pre-registration pick-up. Name on your I.D. should match the name on your order or order note/comment.

Transfer policy

  • Any pre-registration package sold or given away must have confirmation of that transfer, in writing, signed by the original purchaser. Signed-over packages must be presented in person to retrieve the packet. Please see the transfer policy page for more details.

terms of service — last updated May 03, 2022

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